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Oramedy vs. antifungal creams

October 14, 2011 5:37pm

We all know the pain and discomfort that accompanies canker sores or singaw. Although singaw occurs more often in women and children than men, there hardly is anyone who hasn’t experienced the annoying and sometimes incapacitating symptoms of singaw.
For some reason, cankers sores appear more frequently in people aged 1 to 25 years old. It is estimated that singaw breakouts normally happen 4 times each year for a normal person but some people seem more susceptible to singaw suffering an average of 1 episode per month.
The exact cause of canker sores or singaw is unknown, but its development is attributed to eating citrus fruits, physical trauma, stress, lack of sleep, sudden weight loss, food allergies, a compromised immune system and deficiencies in vitamin B12, iron and folic acid. Allergies to cow’s milk, certain types of chemotherapy, and Nicorandil are linked to canker sores. Canker sores are also common in people with Crohn’s disease and it is a major symptom of Behcet disease.
To date, singaw is linked to at least 15 causes. One of the brands being sold in the Philippines today is miconazole which is basically an antifungal cream with minimal anti-bacterial quality. Before the popularity of digital photography, miconazole was used in the final rinse in developing a photographic negative replacing formaldehyde, the most widely used embalming fluid.
Miconazole is mainly used externally for the treatment of jock-itch, ringworm and athletes foot. If used orally, some miconazole may be absorbed in the intestinal tract and may cause interactions with anticoagulants, phenytoin, terbinafine, atypical antipsychotics, ciclosporin and statins used for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia.
With at least 15 causes that lead to the development of singaw, one is led to wonder if a mere anti-fungal cream will be able to aid in the treatment of singaw. With the inherent dangers and interactions that come with miconazole, is it really worth risking using it as a treatment for the common singaw?
Triamcinolone acetonide on the other hand is a synthetic corticosteroid. It is a more potent form of triamcinolone and about 8 times more effective than prednisone. It works by directly addressing the main symptom of singaw which is pain. Pain relief after the application of a triamcinolone acetonide gel on a singaw is almost instant. Clinical trials have noted very minute side-effects and overdosage from triamcinolone acetonide is almost improbable. Effects of a very rare overdose also appear to be confined to gastrointestinal upset.
Direct application of triamcinolone acetonide provides instant relief from canker sore pain as it works immediately on the swelling that surrounds the singaw. Triamcinolone acetonide is shown to speed up the healing process of canker sores into just 24 to 48 hours.
Oramedy Alis-Singaw Gel is currently the only triamcinolone acetonide brand specifically formulated for canker sores in the Philippines. It is distributed by Yumei Mise, a company known for introducing innovative food supplements and other products in the market.
Oramedy recently launched a promo cutting the regular price from ______ to ________ a more than 50% drop. This is limited time promo was undertaken by the company in order to make Oramedy Alis-Singaw available to more people and have them experience the wonders of instant singaw pain relief with triamcinolone acetonide.
Oramedy Alis-Singaw is available in all leading drugstores and other outlets nationwide.
For inquiries, comments and suggestions, call the Oramedy hotline at

Phone           :   +632.216.6746
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Mobile           :   +63.917.800.5836

or visit the Oramedy website at

Oramedy Alis Singaw: Instant canker sore relief

Studies show that children and women are more prone to canker sore or singaw than men. The exact cause of canker sore or singaw is not exactly known but factors such as physical injury, stress, citrus fruits and immune system reactions are known to contribute to their development.

Singaw sores are characterized by painful mouth ulcerations. It appears as white or yellow oval with an inflamed red border.

The pain that accompanies canker sores or singaw varies in intensity according to the size of the ulceration. Minor sores cause minimal discomfort while larger ulcerations may cause severe pain and often lead to swelling of the lymph nodes to fever.

Oramedy Alis Singaw is a new product that promises instant relief from pain that accompanies canker sores. Its generic name is triamcinolone acetonide and it is the only available formulation for canker sore application in the Philippines.

Triamcinolone acetonide is a steroid about 8 times more potent than prednisone but is much more safer. It instantly acts on the swelling on the ulceration thereby greatly reducing the pain on the sore. With Oramedy, the healing process is cut short by 50 percent.

Oramedy is made in Korea by Dongkook Pharmaceuticals and distributed in the Philippines by Yumei Mise Manufacturing. Oramedy Alis Singaw is available at Southstar Drug and Watsons for only Php 475.00.

For inquiries, comments and suggestions call 0917-8014352, 0917-8005836 or log on to

Miguel Ishikawa stars in Oramedy TVC

Oramedy, the country’s first hydrocortisone based, canker sore (singaw) gel features (kung ilang taon si Miguel) year old new comer, Miguel Ishikawa.

In one of Oramedy’s two full-production tv commercials, Miguel stars as a young lad with singaw. This particular Oramedy tvc version is aimed at mothers who frequently encounter such situations with their own children.

Just as the tvc implies, Oramedy relieves the pain of singaw almost instantly owing to its cortisone base. Triamcinolone Acetonide, the generic name of Oramedy, relieves pain by acting instantly on the swelling caused by infected singaw lesion.

Miguel is currently studying at Philippine Japanese School and will appear in future Oramedy commercials.

Famous singing duo endorses Oramedy

J Brothers, the group known for their hits such as Wait For Me, Labanan Natin Ang Tukso, Sana’y Bigyan ng Pansin, etc., is the new endorser of Oramedy Alis Singaw.

In one of its two tv commercial versions, J Brothers appear as themselves. This version targets a broader audience for Oramedy as compared to its other version aimed at parents, particularly housewives.

The singing group is still a active in bar and concert hall circuits. One of the members, Jay Jimenez, recently released his own album entitled Project: Myuzartae through ABS-CBN Star Records. The album features the hit single Even If You Love Me Still with Marri Nallos in a duet with Jay. The song was used as the theme song for the ABS CBN show Midnight DJ.

Oramedy is the country’s first triamcinolone acetonide canker sore (singaw) gel. Oramedy provides instant relief from canker sore effectively as it immediately eases the swelling around the lesion. The lesion eventually heals shortly after a few applications.

Oramedy Facebook page up

Oramedy recently launched its own Facebook page. Hands down the most widely used social networking site, Facebook opens up new avenues in which Oramedy can promote and encourage the use of triamcinolone acetonide as an instant relief and eventually cure from canker sores (singaw).

The Oramedy Facebook page will become another channel for Oramedy in which to share information about canker sores and the effective use of triamcinolone acetonide. The Facebook page will likewise be utilized to announce upcoming promos and events involving Oramedy.

Oramedy is the country’s first to introduce triamcinolone acetonide as a relief and cure for canker sores. Triamcinolone acetonide acts efficiently and effectively on canker sore swelling and lesions providing fast relief and encourages the immediate healing of canker sore lesions.